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Lunch Specials

11am-3pm Mon-Fri
No Substitutions
Tax Not Included
  1. Soup or chili and sandwich, your choice of grilled cheese or hearty BLT                                                    

  2. 1/2 chef salad                                                                        

  3. Club wrap with chips                                                       

  4. Hot ham and cheese with chips                                         

  5. 1/2 tender salad                                                                   

  6. 2 chili cheese dogs with chips                                              

  7. 4 grilled cheese lazy rolls with a cup of soup                                                           

  8. Teriyaki delight - topped with swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, ranch, served with potato chips                                        

  9. Buffalo chicken sandwich - topped with swiss cheese, shredded lettuce, served with potato chips                                        

  10. Fried fish sandwich - tilapia topped with white American cheese, shredded lettuce, side of chips                                  

  11. 3 soft fish tacos - fried tilapia, cilantro, purple cabbage, shredded cheddar, lazy sauce, side of sour cream & salsa and a side of chips.

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